No Sé, Dime Tú Presents: #Hatingtogether

Maiah Ocando and partner-in-crime Gabriel Torrelles —a bilingual Venezuelan couple with over 40 million views on her YouTube channel— remake their hit Spanish language podcast “No Sé, Dime Tú” (I Don’t Know, You Tell Me) as a live event that blends a comedy special and a therapy session for those who believe that real love is hating the same things together. After reaching the Top 5 Spotify podcast in Argentina, Chile, and Colombia, the Apple Podcast standup comedy Top 5 in Mexico, Spain, and the U.S, and touring in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Miami; now Maiah and Gabriel present their new show #HatingTogether: a celebration of the little everyday things people love to hate with the one they love, performed as improv comedy songs their fans adore to sing along.