Venue & Event Info:Doors – 7:00pm Show – 8:00pm The concert venue is general admission standing. This event is all ages. For accessible seating the guest must purchase a g.a. standing ticket and arrive to the venue at 20 minutes before door time and be waiting on the accessible ramp and the guest with accessible needs is allowed one guest with them. We encourage you to review our safety and security information below prior to arriving at the venue. Please arrive early to the venue to allow enough time for you and your guests to move through the queue and enter the venue. Prior to entering the venue, guests will be searched (patted down or mag wanded) to ensure that nothing on the restricted list of items enters the building. You may be asked to empty your pockets of all items so that they can be examined. All alcohol and narcotic laws will be strictly enforced. All bags will be searched, and no large bags or backpacks will be allowed.


Artist Info:

Many dreams of the German musician folk usually fall flat at the starting line, if you wereto look at how most fair against their other countrymen in history.  You have that metalwall of ​Rammstein​ that sticks in front of most onlookers living outside of their borders, ohand there’s ​Kraftwerk​.  Who would have imagined a mainstream global success story fortwo young, German men from a fairly small industrial town named ​Kassel​ having a heftynumber of Australians 14,000 km’s away booking tickets to see them perform live everytime they come to town.  It’s  a story of two unlikely lads, but it’s also one of two incrediblytalented lads that created something different that separates them from any otherpopular artists you know.Milky Chance ​are ​Philipp Dausch​ and ​Clemens Rehbein.​  They met at school, growing-uplistening to ​Bob Marley​, ​Hendrix ​& ​Red Hot Chilli Peppers​ to name but a few.  Getting togetherto make music in the early days was less about plotting global success, it was insteadmore about having fun.  One of their first songs, however, quickly changed things – It wasStolen Dance​.  More specifically it was a unique sounding folktronica song that spannedacross most commercial & alternative radio playlists across the globe.  That momentthey uploaded it to ​Youtube​ was about 6 yrs ago, but the fact it’s ​one of the mostShazamed songs of all time​ tells you all you need to know.
Like a Darwinian success story, Milky Chance quickly adapted to their new foundsurroundings &  pulled together an album & was touring the world within months.  Thatdebut album, ​Sadnecessary​, that boasts other successful singles ​Down By The River​ &Flashed Junk Mind​, went on to become a multi-platinum record in various countries thatsaw this German duo play on US late night shows like ​Fallon​, ​Kimmel​ & ​O’Brien​ and garnerevery major worldwide press outlet that had an interest in music.Fast-forward a few years to 2017 & the band launched their second album​ Blossom​.  Thisalbum faced the oh-so-common question of whether to keep to what brought success ordevelop into something that changed with the winds of the current chart trends.  Theband chose to hold strong to what made them so popular, but adding far more layers inquality learned on the road. Lead singles ​Cocoon​ & ​Doing Good​ embodied their approach& it was a hugely successful album, amassing hundreds of millions of plays acrossstreaming platforms, and more Gold & Platinum records came tumbling in worldwide,and they went on to play to 241 shows across 41 countries.